How Chiropractic Can Help Treat Vertigo and Improve Balance

Balance is something that most people don’t think about although it is essential to an array of everyday functions. For example, without balance you will struggle to walk in a straight line. In fact, if you have a problem with your balance you are likely to be suffering from vertigo. That’s the feeling that the room is spinning around you.

Naturally, having problems with vertigo or balance will make you more likely to fall and cause yourself an injury. That’s why it’s important to seek specialist help and try to have the issue resolved.

It’s worth noting that there are many medical conditions which can cause you an issue with balance. The most common is a problem with the inner ear which may need treatment.

Common Symptoms Of Balance problems

The most common signs that you have a balance problem are:

  • Feeling like everything is spinning around you
  • Being lightheaded and perhaps even fainting
  • Regularly stumbling as you lose your balance
  • Blurred vision
  • Feeling like your floating
  • Being confused

Fortunately, with the right help, you can overcome these issues and get back to living a normal life.

The Role Of the Chiropractor

Chiropractors have specialized training that allows them to manipulate your bones, joints, and muscles. Their aim is to relieve pain by reducing stress on these parts of your body. In the process, they will realign parts of your body and help to improve your quality of life.

A reputable chiropractor, such as this chiro in Bull Creek, can help with back pain, neck issues, shoulder and elbow pains, and even osteoporosis.

It should be noted that this is seen as a type of complementary or alternative medicine.

Chiropractor Treatments For Vertigo And Balance Issues

If your regular doctor wants to give you medication for your vertigo and balance issues then it’s worth seeing a chiropractor first. The problem with medications is that, once you start them, you may be on them for life.

A chiropractor tries to get to the root of the issue and resolve it permanently for you.

Bone Manipulation

Chiropractors will carefully manipulate the bones in your upper cervical spine. The aim is to realign them into the correct position and, in the process, ensure the neck is aligned where it should be. This can release the tension on nerves and other body parts, effectively eliminating your balance issues by stopping you from feeling dizzy.  

Improved Health

The chiropractor will also work with you to realign the rest of your body and provide exercises to help you strengthen key parts. Improving your alignment and body strength will help to improve your core strength which ensures you have better balance.

Correct alignment reduces the likelihood of injuring yourself, helps you to feel more confident, and ensures the communications between your brain and the rest of your body can function properly. This can resolve the balance issues and makes it worth giving a chiropractor a chance to show you what they can do.

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