Is It A Good Idea To Sell Your Home This Winter

Deciding to sell your home is usually a difficult decision. You’re likely to have spent years in the property and have a vast array of memories. That can make it hard to let go, even if the thought of moving is exciting.

The traditional time to sell your home is the spring. Everything is starting to warm up, people generally feel more positive, and it’s easy to display your home in the best possible light.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to wait to spring. It is possible to sell your home in winter. You simply need to approach it in the right way. That’s good news if circumstances mean you have to sell.

In fact, one of the best ways to sell your home in winter is to speak to a local auctioneer. They can help you list the home, attract interested parties, and set the minimum price you’ll accept.

Selling via auction is becoming increasingly popular as you have more control over the selling price and when your house is sold. The sale and transfer of ownership is completed much faster.

Less Competition

House prices vary according to different market situations. But, when there are a limited number of houses for sale it’s generally referred to as a seller’s market.

In short, because there are fewer houses and more buyers, it’s easy for the seller to ask for a little extra.

Winter naturally creates these conditions as fewer people put their houses on the market, making yours more desirable.

Highlight Good & Bad Points

If you have an energy-efficient home with the latest heating appliances then winter is a great time to illustrate how effective they are. This will help your home appeal to environmentalists and those that are looking to keep their bills to a minimum.

Of course, you can talk about these things when selling in the summer. But, actually demonstrating them in action is far superior.

Alongside this, houses tend to be dampest and display the majority of their issues in the winter months. Having the confidence to sell in winter tells potential buyers you have a good home; That can work in your favour.

Interested Parties Are Genuine

If you’ve ever done or been to an open house you’ll know that half the people there have no interest in buying, they are simply being nosy. The same is true with viewings, it’s common to get people just being curious. But, this is a waste of your time.

In contrast, when selling in winter the weather is colder and wetter, meaning that the people who visit are genuinely dedicated to finding a new home.

Every viewing is no longer a waste of time, instead, it’s a real chance to sell the house.

Of course, you will have to work a little harder to make sure your house looks stunning from the outside and inside. This includes creating the right ambience and aromas. But, even these things can help your home seem more appealing and make winter a good time to sell. 

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