Does Medicare Coverage Include Vision and Dental Care?

Going for your teeth cleaning and eye check-ups regularly is necessary. Routine appointments ensure that your doctor can catch any issue early and offer treatment. Thus, you will be healthy. Going for these visits might be expensive, depending on your issue.

It can be confusing to know what Medicare coverage options you have. Thus, it’s critical that you know whether the health insurance program covers your vision and dental services.

Does Medicare Cover Dental Care?

It’s worth noting that original Medicare, parts A and B, do not cover dental services. Hence, you will not have any Medicare dental plans to buy for the benefits. If you are looking for dental services like extraction, x-rays, teeth cleaning, or fillings, then original Medicare is not an option.

As stated, Medicare parts A and B do not offer dental coverage. However, if your mouth, teeth, and jaw were affected by a traumatic injury, and you had to get medical attention in the hospital, the plan can cover some dental services. Note that the program will not cater to your routine services.

To get dental coverage, you will have to buy a Medicare Advantage Plan, also known as part C. It is a plan offered by private insurance companies that Medicare approves. The private insurers provide programs such as dental care, which is not offered under original Medicare.

The Medicare Advantage plan offers various dental services you can count on. They include;

  • Regular dental appointments
  • Routine teeth cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Medication of any periodontal disease
  • Extraction
  • Fillings
  • Dentures
  • Crowns

Note that dental coverage may not offer all the services above. Thus, before purchasing, you should find out what the plan covers from your provider. It will ensure you pick the right dental coverage for your issue.

Dental Coverage Costs

Notably, you may not have to copay for dental coverage such as preventive services. However, you will have to pay for the benefits if you use all your preventive services during the year. Additionally, if you require non-routine services, you will have to cater to the services’ charges.

Does Medicare Cover Vision Care?

If you are sign up for Medicare and looking for a vision services plan, you should avoid original Medicare. The programs do not offer services that cover all eye expenses.

Medicare Part A will cover your eye services only if you are hospitalized because something happens to your eyes. If there is anything more than this, the plan will not cover the expenses incurred. Medicare Part B is also not ideal for your vision care as it only pays an amount for your new pair of glasses or contacts after undergoing cataract surgery to insert an intraocular lens.

To get the best vision benefits, consider buying the Medicare Advantage plan. The plan will cover eye services like;

  • Eye exams
  • Optical Devices: contact lenses and glasses
  • Reinforcement of your frameworks

Cataract surgery. Medicare will cover all costs under this procedure. The fees will include restoring your damaged vision using the artificial lens. Note that inpatient and outpatient costs may differ. Thus, ensure to find this out from your provider.

Eye prosthesis. The coverage covers your prostheses if you are a Medicare beneficiary with an eye shrinkage because of a birth defect, complication of eye surgery, injury or inflammation or don’t have an eye. The Medicare coverage will also cover the cost of resurfacing and polishing your artificial eye. Additionally, under the Medicare plan, you can replace your prostheses every five years.

Macular degeneration treatment. One of the primary reasons for deteriorating vision is age. With Medicare, you will get a diagnosis for macular degeneration and treatment for the disease. It includes getting prescription drugs that will improve your condition.

Even though vision coverage is beneficial as you will not have to spend much, understand that it is limited. Thus, it is essential that you check what your policy will pay for. Also, note the amount you will have to pay for your eye services. For this, you will need to consult with your provider. With adequate information, you will be financially ready for the expenses.

Do Medicare Supplement Plans Cover Your Vision and Dental Coverage?

Medicare supplement plans only cover costs not paid under the original Medicare. Thus, these supplement plans don’t cover your vision and dental care. Hence, you should know the need to research to understand the out-of-pocket costs you will incur for your vision and dental services.

As you age, your dental and vision care is crucial. Neglecting them will have an impact to your overall health and can affect your daily activities. Thus, getting coverage covering some of your expenses is ideal before deciding on the plan to settle for, ensure to research. You can also inquire from experts on areas that are not clear. Doing this will eliminate confusion as you sign up for the Medicare program

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