What differentiates France from Other European Countries?

When you are sitting in America, looking at the various countries that you could visit on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, it may hard to make a decision on which one to travel to, since you don’t know the differences between each country and what they have to offer. Although all of them possess their own qualities and unique sites to see, France is known to have this “je ne sais quoi”, which is something that you can’t exactly put your finger on, but provides you with a little more magic and beauty. In this article, we will highlight some of the characteristics that distinguish France from its European neighbours.

The Language

When you travel to another country, you want it to feel different than at home. The language being spoken often helps to create this sensation. Since you will always find someone who speaks English anywhere around the world, it is not stressful to travel to countries where their mother tongue is different than ours. Especially when this language possesses a certain softness and musicality such as French do. It is one of the most romantic languages in the world. In fact, Paris is known to be the city of love. If you want to know why, you can book a flight from SFO to Paris and discover the magic by yourself.

The History

Americans live in one of the countries that have known the revolution. It is not so common that such an event occurs, and when it does, it changes the whole social structure and creates a new diversity. One of the most famous revolutions in the history of mankind is the French Revolution. The nobles raised the people against their king, and it ended by a beheading of him and his wife. Although you can read about it, you can never fully understand how and why it happened, until you get to the Palais of Versailles and walk across its gardens. At a time when people had barely enough to eat, the king and his queen lived on a gigantic piece of land, frivolously. When you discover the beauty of the whole grounds, it will certainly help you give more meaning to what you have read about the French Revolution. Also, France went through the two World Wars, coming intact out of the second one; something that not many European capitals can claim. Find flights to Paris to learn more about its history, firsthand.

Its Geography

Its location in itself is interesting, since it is central to Europe. From the north, you can catch a ferry to the UK and to the West, you can cross into Spain, with Barcelona being only a little more than a two-hour drive from the French border. In the South, France only has the Mediterranean Sea as a neighbour, while in the East, you can venture on to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (also the Principality of Monaco).

You will also find many diverse terrains. The French Alps are known to offer some of the best ski hills in the world, thanks in part to the famous Mont Blanc. The lakes that you find in the same region have crystal clear water, such as the Annecy Lake. The French Riviera is the coast line in the South, where some of the richest and best-known artists spend their summer holidays. From North to South and from West to East, France is a delight to the eyes, as nature varies greatly from one location to the other.

Its Culture

The French are cinemagoers, still today. That is because they have a long history of French films. The culture of France touches every possible area that exists. It has one of the strongest identities of all European countries that you can visit, which only makes it that more interesting to discover.

Of course, its cuisine is one of the elements that has made the country famous. For Americans, going to a French restaurant means eating quality food, but also something they do with great pleasure. Of course, the food served in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles in French restaurants varies greatly from the one that you will find in Paris. One of the reasons is that the ingredients are different, but the taste is also adapted to fit Americans. In France, the tastebuds will discover flavours they could never have imagined existed. Especially when they come into contact with some of the greatest wines in the world, to accompany the different meals that they will enjoy.

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