Décor Investments to Impress Your Guests

Do you often invite friends and family round for dinner parties, brunch and games nights? If so, you’ll probably feel like you constantly have to impress your guests. Inviting friends or family around to your home can be quite a daunting experience; more often than not, people worry about being judged on their interior space. However, there is no use in worrying about this as it is your space for a reason – their opinions shouldn’t matter! However, if you love the sound of impressing your guests each time they come around, then keep reading to find out some amazing décor investments you can make to do the trick.


It might seem silly, but rugs are a huge investment anyone can make for their home. Plus, if you choose the right one, it can entirely transform your home. Rugs are a great way to add a little extra to your living area or bedroom, or they can actually be the staple or feature piece. Ideally, the rug you choose will add a splash of colour or some pattern to your space to open it up and add some life. Depending on where you shop, you can either purchase a luxury rug or one that you’ll probably see in homes around the world (you know the furniture shop we’re thinking of!). Other notable interior designers such as Penny Morrison sell stunning bohemian inspired rugs that’ll certainly impress your guests. This is definitely something to consider!

Luxury lighting

When choosing some investments to make for your home, you’ll also want to make sure they’re a practical investment for the long haul. One example like this includes luxury lighting that can act as a wonderful statement piece for your living or dining area. What’s great about luxury lighting is that there is an endless list of luxury lighting pieces to choose from. For example, you can keep it simple but strong with a stunning ceramic lamp base or a lovely silk lampshade. Or, if you want to take it even further, you can add some extravagance to your home with a bespoke chandelier. We can guarantee that this will impress your guests!

For atmospheric lighting, try some scented candles, which provide beautiful aromas and a calming surrounding for your guests.

Bespoke artwork

Last but not least, to truly impress your guests and to get them talking is to invest in bespoke artwork. Whether this is a wall piece such as a canvas or a feature for your dining room table, bespoke art serves as a wonderful way to bring your home to life. As the art will be bespoke, you’re adding a lovely personalised touch to your house that will make it look like you really care about your interior, even if you don’t. It’s worth keeping in mind that bespoke art can be slightly more expensive than artwork you can buy from mainstream furniture shops. However, it does work out as a good investment because the quality of the work will be higher, and you’ll have something nobody else has!

What décor will you choose to impress your guests?

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