How To Count Calories For Weight Loss And Health

Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do on this planet. In order to lose weight, you will have to ensure that you are consuming fewer calories than you burn in a day. However, keeping a check on the number of calories you consume per day is quite a hassle. Here are some of the things that you must do in order to track your calories intake.

Use Weight Loss App

One of the easiest ways to count the number of calories is to install a weight loss app on your mobile phone. Apps like the LIFE Fasting Tracker will make this process easier.

 These weight loss apps have all the information regarding the number of calories any kind of food, fruit, or vegetable contains. Not only do these apps help you to know the number of calories you must take in on a daily basis, but they also help you in keeping track of the number of calories you need to burn.

Logging Packaged Food

Going through the contents chart printed at the back of the wrapper of any packaged food is one of the easiest ways of counting the number of calories you are eating. Just check the number of calories written on the nutrition label and count the size and servings. Double the amount if you eat two servings.

Logging Fresh Food

This could be a little harder than packaged food because there is no nutrition label with these items. However, you can find calorie data online through the Food Central Database and other relevant information about your food. As mentioned earlier, there are several food tracking apps that have immense information about food. These apps don’t let you step back from things you enjoy eating especially fresh foods just because they lack the nutritional label.

Logging Restaurant Food

Counting calories in food cooked in restaurants can be difficult because local restaurants are not required to reveal food information. However, in 2018 FDA demanded several restaurants with different locations to divulge calorie information of all food items. So, hopefully, you might soon be able to eat in a regional or national restaurant that provides you the actual calorie count of the dish you order.

Logging Beverages

Always try to count calories before drinking anything in a day except water, coffee, or tea without milk or sugar, as these drinks contain zero calories. Your drinks make up the lion’s share of your calorie intake. Therefore, count calories before having soda, creamers, alcohol, drinks, etc. Avoid consuming high-calorie drinks if you want to lose weight because if you take more calories than you burn, you will end up gaining more weight.

The number of calories one can consume per day varies from person to person. This is because your food intake relies on factors such as age, height, weight, and gender. However, by checking the number of calories you are consuming per day, you can control yourself from eating more than your body needs and lose weight without too much exercise.   

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