How to choose the right mattress for your sleeping needs – the ultimate guide

Good sleep can refresh your body and mind. However, it is often tough to get good sleep regularly.  People will often be distracted from a decent night of rest by other people around them, their work or one of several devices easily found at home. They may also fail to get good sleep because of a bad mattress.

A great quality mattress is crucial to a good night’s sleep. Your overall wellbeing and health depend on the quality and quantity of your sleep, which can be determined by the quality of your mattress. You should look into a new option immediately.

Buying a mattress can overwhelming, but it will offer the best way to improve your sleep quality. This is especially true if you have already been using the same mattress for longer than the recommended period. Specialists suggest a lifetime of between 5-7 years for your mattress depending on its brand, care and use. Older mattresses will cause stress and fatigue, which means they should be disposed of immediately.

That said, getting the right new mattress can be challenging. What do you look for when looking through the different mattress options available? How do you avoid losing sleep for the next few years because you chose the wrong mattress? Here is the guideline to help you find the right choice for your bedroom. 

What type of mattress do you need?

Your preference will help you determine the right type of mattress for your bedroom. There are endless variations available to help you out. Here are some of the most common options available on the market.

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses are filled with memory foam, and are great options for body contouring and pressure relief. Some modern options feature cooling properties to help make comfortable sleeping environments for people living in areas with high temperatures.

Latex mattress

Unlike memory foam options, latex mattresses are filled with latex foam. They feature natural cooling properties and are ideal for added comfort in hot areas. Latex mattresses will offer comfort, bounce and responsiveness to users. That said, they do not offer body contouring properties.

Inner spring, pocket spring and open spring mattress

Inner spring or coil mattresses are a popular option featuring in built steel spring coils for added support and comfort.  They offer the traditional mattress feel and bounce, making them well suited for added comfort.

Continuous coil or open spring mattress are designed with a long metal wire attached to a border rod. They are light and springy, but will need to be replaced quicker than other options featured.

Pocket spring mattresses are made from individual spring connections housed within different fabric pockets. They are more luxurious than other spring alternatives and are more breathable than foam and latex options. The luxurious pocket spring mattresses offer great levels of comfort and support for users.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses feature a combination of construction materials. Most hybrid options feature pocket sprung bases along with memory foam layers to ensure optimal support and comfort. These mattresses will provide a cooling effect alongside great bounce and responsiveness.

Mattress Firmness

Your mattress’ level of firmness can affect your sleep quality and quantity. A mattress should be as firm as you need it to be so that you can enjoy a desired level of comfort. That said, each level of mattress firmness will be best suited for certain needs more than others. Here is a breakdown on different mattress firmness levels.

Soft mattresses

These are most suited for people who change their sleeping positions at night. They will often switch sleeping positions to relieve their spine of pressure. A soft mattress takes up the body shape even with constant shifting, ensuring a consistently comfortable night.

Medium soft mattresses

These are also well suited for people who shift their sleeping positions, much like soft options. However, they offer more support all round.

Medium firm mattresses

The medium firm mattress is well suited for people who sleep on their back. They are tougher than medium soft mattresses, and provide a lot more lower back support.

Firm mattresses

These are most ideal for people who sleep on their stomach and those who experience back pain. Firm mattresses will keep your back straight and stable without affecting your level of comfort.

What mattress is right for you?

The two main factors featured will combine with your personal preference and health to help you find the right mattress. A great option should support your back and keep your spine in its natural curve during your sleep. Remember to try out different options available, including the best sealy mattresses in the market, to find your ideal mattress match.

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