Can You Freeze Lettuce? A Big Surprise Is Waiting For You

The ocean of information seems to make your doubt more cryptic. You find it effortless to read the long written materials as regards your wondering that is can you freeze lettuce. But if you are seeking for something short and captivating, here it is!

Can You Freeze Lettuce? Yes or No

Can you freeze lettuce? Surprisingly, the answer is Yes and No. Why? To be clear, continue scanning.

The answer is no when you use the frozen lettuce for tossed salad dishes. It is rarely recommended to freeze fragile leaves due to a difficulty in storing and retaining its freshness. The taste will not good as expected. Therefore, knowing this tip before deciding types of leaves for freezing is extremely important.Additionally, the more succulence it has in texture and flavor, the worse lettuce tastes. When stored in the freezer, the water in plant cells crystalizing will damage the cell walls.

The answer is yes in case you use frozen lettuce for cooking and flavoring. When it comes to appropriate identification of lettuce varieties and its provenance, you can store it for around six months.

Why do I give priority to types of lettuce and its provenance when freezing? Simply, these two factors will tell you whether it works or not.

As mentioned before, it will be workable when using thick-leafed lettuce, which is much better at handling freezing than iceberg lettuce at the supermarket. The varieties of lettuce highly suggested are romaine or cos lettuce and Boston or bibb lettuce, which is also called butterheads.

When it comes to the provenance of lettuce, you should choose locally-raised or homegrown lettuce. Because it stands the frost easier when compared to the bagged lettuce.

How To Freeze Lettuce?

There are two common methods to freeze lettuce when you buy lettuce in bulk or leftover lettuce is still edible. 

Method 1: Freeze Fresh Lettuce

Firstly, remove the stalk as well as rotten leaves. Then, wash leaves in cool water gently, after that, place them in a colander to drain the water by using paper towels. To minimize moisture from the water, scatter them on a kitchen towel. Finally, put them in the bags, and store them in the freezer.

Besides, I have several notes that you should remind when freezing.

Remember to use a straw to release excess air inside the bags before freezing them. If there are other food items frozen, keep the lettuce bags over them. To thaw the frozen leaves, keep them in the refrigerator overnight or at room temperature for 1-2 hours.

The fresh lettuce frozen should be used in stews, stir-fries, soups, and wraps.   

Method 2: Freeze Pureed Lettuce

You need to discard the diseased and damaged parts of lettuce and wash them gingerly as well. Once done, put the leaves in a blender with a small amount of water added to puree them. Then, pour the thick smooth liquid in the ice trays. After a few hours, remove the cubes from the ice trays and store them in freezer bags.

This method is believed such the easiest way to crush on. When pureed, lettuce will not lose its texture, so it still tastes very good.

People usually utilize pureed lettuce in smoothies, soups, curries, or even stews.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the basic requirements needed are already illuminated, your task is reading them carefully and embarking on freezing steps.

However, the lifespan extension of this greenery is still such a thorny issue to some people. Check out some more information that can be helpful for you at a later time.

Can you freeze the salad mix?

Buying a pack of salad mixture sounds enticing because you just need to toss it on your dishes right away without any cooking. But if you want to keep it for future use, I have to disappoint you that most of the salad mixes do not come up to freezing.

The mix of romaine lettuce and Boston lettuce is the only exception in this case because of their survival ability in the freezer.

Can you freeze bagged lettuce?

In a condition that certain measures are taken, lettuce packed in bags is for freezing.

The bagged lettuce firstly needs washing and drying, then tossing into a zipper friendly-freezer bag with one or two paper towels. Remember to replace towels every day because the clean ones help to extend the salad’s life for about one more week.

Can you freeze shredded lettuce?

Since shredded lettuce will not look appetizing after thawing, so it can be used for smoothies and cooking but not for consuming it fresh.


It is technically easy for you to follow the suggestions above. Your question, which is can you freeze lettuce,  is already clarified. Now, you just need more meticulousness when handling the freezing process. Thank you for reading this paper. Good luck!

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