6 Best Things About a Travel Nursing Job

Being one of the most intriguing and in-demand jobs, being a travel nurse is such a rewarding job as you get to travel around the country while expanding your skillset and pursuing your passion as a travel nurse. There are a lot of people who are interested in having a job as a Gifted Healthcare travel nursing job in South Carolina but feel conflicted on whether or not they would continue to pursue this career path. Here are the 6 best things about a travel nursing job that could help you make up your mind in this particular career.

Advantage of Being a Travel Nurse

1. Travel opportunities

As a traveling nurse, you get to see our beautiful country by working in different states and exploring the beautiful wonders that it could give you since you are going to be working on short-term contracts. The typical 13-week contract would give you just enough time to be able to immerse yourself with the local culture, get to mingle with the locals, and explore the beauty that nature could offer.

If you enjoyed your time in a particular facility, there are some hospitals or healthcare facilities that could offer you contract extensions so that you could stick around for more time, depending on how long you want to stay.

2. Specialties

When you are a travel nurse who is working in a nursing field that is in demand, then employers would seek for you since you are most in need. Some of the specialties that are in demand are the following:

  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) nurses
  • Operating Room (OR) nurses
  • Emergency Room (ER) nurses
  • MedSurg nurses
  • Telemetry nurses
  • Labor and Delivery (L&D) nurses

When you are in these kinds of specialties, it would be easier for you to find more assignments since a lot of hospitals and healthcare facilities are in need of your services and experiences.

3. Working conditions

As a travel nurse, you are going to have to go through different working conditions. You are going to get to experience some of the most challenging environments that would help you hone your skill and make you a better nurse, but you could also choose to work in a hospital or healthcare facility where it is a bit more mellow and not as fast-paced as other facilities.

You may notice that there are going to be some hospital providers who would make it difficult for you to adjust because they are incredibly understaffed, but there are also going to be some hospital providers and healthcare facilities that would be so much easier to work in.

4. Career development

Since you are building your own network and getting more experience in different nursing fields that you may be interested in, developing your career would be much easier as a travel nurse since you are exploded to more possible circumstances under different working environments and expanding your resume since you get to work in more facilities compared to permanent-staffed nurses.

Since you are working for different facilities, it means that you are already trained in different charting systems that each facility uses, allowing you the chance to work with all of this different equipment and patient populations, effectively broadening your skillset.

Aside from all of these, you also have these insights and perspectives since you are exposed to different working environments and mentored and oriented by each of the facilities that you have ever worked in. All of these new experiences would give you the opportunity to observe and learn about all of the approaches in administration.

5. Travel nursing pay

One of the main factors as to why other nurses choose to become travel nurses is the travel nursing pay since they are getting paid higher compared to permanently-staffed nurses since they do not have the additional expenses that they have, like tax-home payments and duplicating expenses.

The pay for travel nurses is higher because they are getting reimbursed for some of the things that they have, including the travel fees and the housing fees, but this would generally depend on the staffing agency that you are working with.

6. Building a network

As a travel nurse, you travel from one facility to another, giving you a chance to build your own network as you meet more permanent staff, fellow travel nurses, and physicians, helping you expand your professional network.

Building your own network would help you make more friends, advance your career faster, have support professionally as you work in the facility, and just give you an overall impact on your career.

There are a lot of benefits that you could get when you choose travel nursing as your career path. Do your research and reach out to recruiters and travel nursing staffing agencies, and they would help you through the process of officially becoming a travel nurse. Furthermore, travel and work from anywhere in the world! You can view jobs in 69 countries onĀ Jooble.

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