The Best Coffee Drinks for a Hot Summer Day – Four Options

A hot summer day is a perfect time to change up normal coffee routines. While hot coffee in the morning is always good, there are other ways to make a thirst-quenching drink out of coffee. Here are four.

How to Prepare Cold Brewed Coffee in Less Than 3 Minutes

Cold Brew is a coffee concentrate that is prepared by steeping coarsely ground coffee in room-temperature or cold water for 12–24 hours. It concentrates the flavor of the coffee because of the longer steeping time. This also makes it less acidic than hot brewed coffee.

The process of making cold brew starts by soaking coarsely ground beans with water for 12 to 24 hours. This is done using a cold brew paper filter that holds the coffee grounds and is submerged in the water. You can also find smaller metal filters that do the same thing. After the brewing period, you removed the coffee grounds. Sometimes you must strain the coffee to make sure there are no grounds.

Typically, you mix a one-half portion of your cold brew with another one-half portion of water. This is called ’cutting’ and tames the cold brew down. If you want to skip this, you can try cold brewing for less time and see if that does the trick.

You can now drink your cold brew on ice, add milk and sugar, or add it to other beverages like smoothies.

How to Prepare Iced Coffee?

If you want to make iced coffee at home, here is how you do it. Brew the coffee with double the grounds and half of the water. You do this because the iced coffee is typically cut with ice which quickly waters it down. The easiest way to do all of this is to use a pour-over for this. As your coffee brews in the pour-over, it will fall into your cup which already has ice in it. This cools and dilutes the iced coffee right away giving you a very bright taste.

How to Make a Blended Coffee Drink?

Blended coffee drinks are a great way to get the same caffeine boost as a regular cup of coffee, but with a little more flavor and texture.

There are many ways to make blended coffee drinks. The main thing is that you need to be able to make espresso and have a bender. You will make your espresso normally. Once your shots are pulled you can pour them over ice. Place the ice and espresso shots in a blender adding milk and simple syrup. There are syrups specially made for blended coffee drinks that you will want to have. These syrups add flavor but more importantly, they help make a desirable blended texture. If you don’t use these syrups the consistency will be closer to shaved ice with espresso flavor.

Many people find it easier to buy blended coffee drinks at their local coffee shop. Either way, these are a favorite in many areas. They are often topped with whipped cream and other decadent toppings. They are a perfect hot day treat.

How to Make Iced Lattes at Home?

Making Iced Lattes at home is simple if you have a way to pull espresso shots. Some popular machines will pull an espresso shot for you. If you don’t have one of these, using a Mokka Pot or Aero Press can work.

  1. The first step is to make the espresso.
  2. Second, cool the espresso down by adding ice cubes and stirring it. You should stir for about 30 seconds so that the hot coffee mixes with the cold ice cubes.
  3. The third step is to pour the iced espresso into a glass and add milk on top of it. Only fill it about halfway.
  4. Fourth, you can add simple syrup or another flavoring to the glass. Stir to incorporate everything evenly.
  5. The final and fifth step is to add ice to the top of your glass. This will keep the whole thing cool. If you are a slow drinker, you can add less ice to not water down your iced coffee.

This article was written by Jordan O’Hara, Founder of Windansea Coffee.

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