The Best Camping Accessories

Campers come with standard features like tents and stoves. However, you need more than those to have fun and stress-free time at camp. You must invest in accessories to elevate your camping experience. Here are some of the best camping accessories.

Solar Panel

If you have the space and budget, a reliable solar panel is a good accessory for your camper trailer. You can get one with a battery strong enough to power your devices in overcast conditions. You can use solar panels when you don’t have access to an electricity source.

You should be very thorough when buying a solar panel. First, check out the main specifications, such as the weight, dimensions, ports, maximum output, and warranty. There are many options in the market with different pros and cons.

Table and Chairs

Another accessory you cannot go wrong with is a good camping table and chair set. You can buy them together or separately. You just have to ensure that each item is of good quality and will serve you well. It is preferable to go for foldable tables and chairs. This feature will enable you to store them easily, especially if your camper is not very large.


A blanket is an essential camping accessory for every outing. It is your go-to option for covering during cold nights and can easily be converted for other uses. Ensure you get a water-resistant one as a buffer against morning dew. Other features you should look for in your blanket are insulation, weight, material quality, and versatility.

First Aid Kit

One of the first accessories to buy is a first aid kit. You can start with a small one that contains essential care equipment like bandages, gauze, disinfectant and painkillers. Over time, you can upgrade to a bigger one or stuff the existing one with more supplies. You can never know when it will come in handy.


There is always something to fix or install while camping. From assembling other accessories to repairing damaged parts of your camping gear, you need tools in camp. Instead of buying one of every tool, you will need while camping, you can get a multi-tool camper kit containing many tools people use while camping.

Walkie Talkies

Many campgrounds boast connectivity facilities like Wi-Fi, while some pride their sites on the ability to keep you off-grid. Both have their advantages and demerits, and you must prepare as required. When you are in campsites with little or no phone signal, walkie-talkies are good safety equipment to keep in touch with others in your party, especially children.

Bluetooth Speaker

What is camping without loads of fun? You should include a portable Bluetooth speaker in your camping gear. Your Bluetooth speaker will enhance the audio from your phone or stereo. It is better if the speaker is waterproof.


You may be able to do without some of these camping accessories, but they make camping easier and more enjoyable. You also do not need to buy them all at once. Instead, you can start with some and get others as your budget permits.

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