Advantages of telemedicine in reducing stigmatization if you are battling STIs

Sexually transmitted infections are prevalent in the sexually active group aged 15-24. This is since most STIs are asymptomatic, and therefore, most people spread them without their knowledge, especially those who don’t regularly go for STD testing to know their status.

Even with the feeling that they have contracted STIs, most people don’t go to healthcare centers for diagnosis and treatment or share with their partners, friends, and families for fear of what people say or stigmatize them.

This has seen an increase in STIs among youths and younger adults. In the worst-case scenario, this has led to complications like infertility or stillbirth due to untreated STIs.

Fortunately, medical practitioners have embraced telemedicine due to technological advancement to reduce the stigmatization of those battling STIs. 

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is using the internet through a computer, tablet, or phone by healthcare professionals to provide their patients with healthcare services in the comfort of their patient’s homes.

Due to the privacy of telemedicine, most people with STIs are now opening up and taking diagnoses, which has seen a significant decrease in new STDs, though the number is still high.

The purpose of telemedicine was primarily for those with STIs who are afraid of disclosing their STD status or suffer stigmatization. Still, healthcare professionals are now using telemedicine, even for other diseases.

Benefits of telemedicine in reducing stigmatization in STIs patients

Telemedicine has many benefits but first, let’s look at how it helps minimize stigmatization in people battling STDs.


Telemedicine is very confidential because you don’t have to walk to a healthcare center where people are many. In telemedicine, your doctor will diagnose you through a video call, audio call, or even through virtual text; even the doctor may not know you if you decide to. This is helpful for those who are embarrassed to share their ordeal; as you know, most people are shy talking about sex and anything related to it.

Family connections

With telemedicine, you can consult your doctor from the comfort of your couch or bed. If you are battling STIs, your doctor may suggest your loop your partner or any family member you are comfortable with on the virtual visit. This can boost your morale, reduce stigmatization, and build strong bonds with your partner or family.

Other benefits of telemedicine

Comfort and convenience

Telemedicine is very convenient as you don’t have to visit the doctor’s clinic whenever you are sick. You can see your doctor from the comfort of your home. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can easily fit in virtual visits, and you may not even have to take leave time from work.

Helps control infectious illness

With telemedicine, you don’t have to visit a healthcare center where you can contract infectious conditions like flu, COVID-19, etc. It reduces exposure to these contagious diseases.


Sexually transmitted infections come with a lot of stigmatization, making most people not get a diagnosis or treatment. This is where telemedicine comes in handy. It helps you get healthcare services in the comfort of your home.

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