10 Easy Pest Control Tips for Permanent Results

Pest control is much easier said than done. There is so much to know about which methods work best and what causes an infestation in the first place. Many people feel overwhelmed when faced with a pest problem. If you are one of those people, you are not alone!

The key to a successful extermination is to get rid of what caused the infestation, then to use the right solution. All it takes is a little research and determination.

Here are 10 easy pest control tips to get you started. If you need help, reach out to Pest Control Pickering or another professional near you.

Pest-proof the kitchen

Kitchens are prone to getting pests because they are full of food. Whether you are getting rid of pests or hoping to avoid them, store all your food in sealed containers. Look for glass jars or thick plastic containers with airtight lids. Everything in the pantry and on the countertop should be out of reach. This will make your home less appealing to pests and make all your food inaccessible.

Keep the house clean

Deep clean the house at the beginning of your pest control program and clean regularly to get rid of food particles and hiding spots. Never leave any dirty dishes out, especially overnight. Vacuum, mop, and tidy up every week. Pests love cluttered, messy areas, so be sure to declutter and clear your floors so there is nowhere to hide.

Seal windows and doors

One of the simplest things you can do to keep pests out is to secure your windows and doors. Make sure that your window screens don’t have any holes in them, then seal any gaps you find in the window frames with caulking. Add weatherstripping to your windowpanes if there are drafts. Then, add door sweeps to your doors to the outside so that nothing can come crawling in.

Fix gaps and cracks

Examine your foundation closely and seal any cracks you find. Check under the porch, around your window wells, and around the faucets and utility lines. Use quarter-inch mesh, silicone caulking, epoxy, or steel wool – whichever works best. Expanding foam works well against bugs, but rodents can chew through it. 

Maintain the yard

Most pests come from outside. So, maintain the yard as you would maintain the inside of your home. Always clean up after having a meal outside and keep food out of reach. If there are rodents in your area, keep the bird feeder away from the house and don’t leave any pet food outside. Pick up fruit as soon as they fall to the ground. Secure your garbage cans with locks and cords.

Dehumidify the home

Humid homes attract pests because they signal that there is drinking water nearby. Insects also rely on humidity for survival. So, get a dehumidifier for any parts of the home that are particularly humid. Ventilate when cooking or taking a shower and fix leaky faucets.

Research the pest

It is so important that you research the pest you are exterminating before you start any treatment. It might seem like all it takes is a trip to the hardware store or a simple google search, but pests are complicated. Find out which species you are dealing with, why they are infesting your home, and which treatment works best.  

Use the right products

Pest control products can be dangerous. Using the wrong product will also be ineffective, so you risk prolonging the infestation and suffering additional damage. If you are dealing with pavement ants, get an insecticide that is formulated for pavement ants. If you are dealing with mice, get mouse traps. Follow the product’s instructions carefully and do not mix products.

Don’t give up

Pest control takes patience. Give the treatment the time it needs to work. If you are getting rid of rodents, check on your traps every day. Be thorough and continue to treat the problem even after you have stopped seeing any activity. Stopping too early will give the pests time to repopulate. Don’t give up!

Hire a pest control technician

Remember that help is just around the corner. Though they cost a little money, professional exterminators provide quick and effective services that last a long time. They can get rid of the pests on your property and help ensure that they don’t come back. Lots of pest control companies offer exclusion services in addition to pest control. Check it out if you feel that you are in over your head.

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