What Is IDP Generic? Is It A False Positive

Anti-virus software on your computer has just sent a message detecting a threat called IDP Generic. However, do not worry too much about this case because this is most likely just a false positive. If you are curious about “What is IDP Generic?” and how dangerous it is, let’s find out through this post!

What Is IDP Generic?

IDP Generic stands for identity protection; your computer discovers it through anti-virus software. IDP Generic can be one of two cases:

  • False-positive: This happens when your antivirus software doesn’t recognize a file. Therefore, it mistakenly generates virus warnings in normal files.
  • Trojan Virus: It is a very dangerous virus that hackers create to blackmail, steal money, related information about your identity, or even take control of your computer.

How To Check File Infected IDP?

Whenever your computer warns you about viruses, it is a must to check and find ways to get rid of them. Although IDPs are mostly false positives, you should not ignore them. More specifically, a Trojan virus can bring serious impact or destroy your computer.

There are a few ways to check the effective IDP generator you can apply, and VirusTotal is one the most basic methods. This site will help you check if a file is dangerous and harmful for your computer.

Follow these steps to test:

  • Step 1: Go to google to visit the VirusTotal website.
  • Step 2: Choose the YES option and click SELECT FILES.
  • Step 3: Select the files that the antivirus software warns to check.

After uploading the file, VirusTotal will analyze and give results. If this website has been marked as dangerous with the uploaded file, then there must be a Trojan virus in your computer.

Meanwhile, there could be just false positives, which do not harm the user. You can safely ignore the warning and continue working normally in this case.

Why Is The Generic IDP False Positive?

The cause of this time-consuming confusion comes from using the old version system; you need to make sure that the current version is the latest one. In detail, the out-of-date software cannot recognize new files and makes mistakes in recognizing an acceptable file to a dangerous file.

How To Handle False Positive Generic IDP?

Although most IDPs are not threatening, it is annoying to keep receiving warnings about it. Hence, you better find a way to get rid of this false positive. Here some methods that you can apply to handle with this trouble:

  • To prevent frequent IDP misdetection by outdated software, you should upgrade to a new version of the antivirus program. If the results are still false positive after the system update, delete the old software and find a better and more powerful alternative.
  • Sometimes IDP Generic comes out due to the outdated Java. To get rid of the root of the problem, remove Java from the system. After that, install the new version and check to see the new changes.
  • Remove the file from the virus repository and upload it as a false positive to notify your antivirus software about the file. Keep doing this, and you won’t have a headache about false positives in the future. How to remove the file from the virus repository:
  • Open the Avast Antivirus application.
  • Select SECURITY
  • Select VIRUS
  • Right-click on the file

These are steps that you can use Avast antivirus software to make; the above steps can also work with other software.

How Can I Avoid Infection With The IDP Generic Virus?

In addition to the temporary IDP remedies, there are other ways to prevent the virus from coming back or appearing more:

  • Update anti-virus software regularly so that they can always correctly identify files
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments, which have no obvious origin. You should only open it if it comes from an acquaintance or a trusted organization.
  • To ensure safety, verify the legal origin of applications and documents before downloading them.
  • Visiting websites with unknown or suspicious addresses can infect your computer with malicious data. Therefore, only visit security or trusted sites.
  • Avoid clicking on banner ads, as this will help you avoid dangerous paths.


We hope the above information helped you understand “What is IDP Generic?” and feel more secure and calm if you receive an IDP Generic alert, as it could be harmless due to software confusion or an imminent danger. On the other hand, you can utilize the above methods to handle the issue or avoid it with our listed notes. Good luck!

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