Past Events:

Empowering Women Challenging Extremism Wandsworth

Nov 2013-Jan 2014

Inspire delivered it’s highly successful countering extremism programme to female residents in Wandsworth.  Participants understanding and concern in tackling extremism was increased as a result of the course and a newly elected Wandsworth Muslim Women’s Network which will seek to empower women and challenge extremism was also established.

Events: Luton Women Countering Extremism Network Launch

19th June 2013

Women from Luton of all backgrounds coming together to attend the launch of a network which aims to counter all forms of extremism and violence.

Building resilence - countering extremism: Leeds Safeguarding Awareness Programme in partnership with Leeds City Council

Feb-March 2013

The Women’s Safeguarding Awareness Programme strove to make women realise their own agency and responsibility in countering both violent and non-violent extremism.  The success of the programme lay in Inspire’s ability, through a holistic approach to influence and connect with Muslim women who belonged to hard to reach communities.

Dawud Wharnsby 'Spring into Harmony' Schools Tour


Mon 16th-Fri 20th April 2012

The ‘Spring into Harmony’ schools tour aimed to instil self esteem within young people and to highlight the unique potential that each of them possess. It also aimed to highlight how diversity and difference is a strength particularly when working towards positive social goals.

Speaking in God's Name:

Re-examining Gender in Islam

4th-5th June, 2011

This conference aimed to raise the level of discourse around the issues facing Muslim women. Leading activists, scholars and academics from across the world were joined by male and female participants to begin to bridge the gulf between scholarly thinking and the reality of women’s day to day lives.

Empowerment Course for Portsmouth Muslim Women in partnership with Portsmouth City Council

3rd March 2011

‘It’s All About You,’ a Muslim Women’s Empowerment Course organised by Inspire in partnership with Portsmouth City Council, was delivered at the Lamport Community Centre, Portsmouth on Thursday 3 March 2011. Thirty local women, mainly of Bengali origin attended the programme.

Muslim Women in 2010

Meeting the challenges of a new decade

6th March, 2010

The one day conference encouraged women to contribute to local and global communities, to help address Muslim women’s contemporary concerns through a progressive understanding of faith and to promote concepts of active citizenship and shared values

Watford Women My Voice: Loud and Clear

5th February, 2010

Inspire organised and delivered a successful training course for women in Watford.  The course covered a multitude of contemporary issues and concerns facing Muslim women today in the 21st Century whilst encouraging them to explore the role they would need to play to improve the town they live in.

Muslim Women:

Pioneering Change in 21st Century Britain

10th January, 2009

This conference looked at the evolving role of Muslim women within their own communities and also more widely in society and how they can aid the understanding and prevention of all forms of extremism.

Advanced Leadership and Muslim Women Course

3rd October, 2008

The course looked at theological discourse surrounding Muslim women in Islam and to dispel commonly held stereotypes and myths about the role of Muslim women. It also provided an advanced leadership training course to the standard course provided earlier in December 2007

Training for Trainers: The Prevent Agenda

2nd October, 2008

The training programme aimed to raise the awareness of the Prevent agenda in an innovative way amongst those running projects in the local community from voluntary and statutory bodies.

Redbridge Muslim Women Championing Change

5th September, 2008

The course led to the creation and launch of the Redbridge Muslim Women’s Network, a democratically elected women’s body to help encourage Muslim women to become involved in public and voluntary community activities in Redbridge and to help build bridges within communities and between communities.

EMPOWERMENT- the Key to Success

5th March, 2008

A conference organised by An-Nisa for Muslim women as part of International Women’s Day held on March 5th 2008 in Slough. Inspire in partnership with An-Nisa Slough successfully delivered the programme for the conference.