About Us

Inspire is a non-governmental advocacy organisation (NGO) working to counter extremism and gender inequality. We empower women to support human rights and to challenge extremism and gender discrimination. By empowering women, Inspire aims to create positive social change resulting in a more democratic, peaceful and fairer Britain. Women are key to the development and prosperity of any society; Inspire believes that Muslim women are no different and are capable of being at the forefront of strengthening communities as well as tackling problems both within Britain and internationally.

Inspire was founded in 2009 after its co-founders had spent over 15 years working within British Muslim communities. They were concerned that not enough was being done to challenge both gender discrimination and extremist ideologies within UK’s Muslim communities. Inspire was created to fill this void.

Our success lies in our ability to connect with women in grassroots communities and in shaping the debate more widely. We run campaigns, deliver conferences, workshops and programmes to women, statutory agencies and schools across the United Kingdom. We are regularly interviewed for local, national and international media.

Inspire is a not for profit organisation. We are able to deliver projects through partnership work which in the past have included local authorities, community organisations, schools and police forces.

We rely on donations and grants to keep the essential work of Inspire going.

Please support us by donating to us to help challenge extremism and gender discrimination.